May 192010

If someone asks you which would be the first bank in Australia, there must always be only one correct answer. That is the Westpac. If you want to come closer to Westpac, just come to its official website at and reveal the mysterious veil on it.

This is really a great online banking center. I just want to say that with the existence of official website, Westpac becomes even more perfect for its convenient banking system. For the first time visitors, the online Westpac has prepared a special part for them. Do you see the pencil at the upper side? It is asking you whether you think yourself is understand who the Westpac is enough or not. If your answer is not, just click the quick link button beside this pencil icon and take part in the Westpac Graduate Program. Or you could see that the whole website is in fact built up by five parts, in which the last one is About Westpac. This would really be the best archive for anyone to know the basic information of this great bank better. There are investor center and the sustainability and community. You can know something about the financial results, the bank approach, and the Westpac Foundation, etc. You can also check up the global locations of every Westpac bank office all over the world.

I have said that this website mainly contains five parts. In addition to the home and about, the left three parts are personal banking center, business banking center and corporate banking center. This is also the most common section assorting method that we can often see in other bank’s official website. For the personal banking system, the customers can have online property purchasing and sorting out the day to day banking, etc. And the news given in each part would also provide abundant information about financial issues for all of the Westpac customers. Only for the personal customers, there are four kinds of customers such as the one who move to Australia, students, premium financial customers and the private customers. I think the most frequent customers would be the private ones. For the business and corporate customers, things would become much more complex and the services would be more various. Thus, in a word, they are all very convenient and secured.

For all the Westpac customers, I suggest you dealing with your banking issues in the online banking center rather than in a real bank office.

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