Jan 282010

www.uimn.org/ui is the official website of unemployment insurance program of Minnesota State. This site provides information for three groups of people: applicants, employers and agents.

Applicants should go to the section “information for applicants”. There they can get to know the following information: where to start, applicant self-service, references, the information in other language version, benefit payments, eligibility information, special programs, appeal information, year-end tax information, community resources and others. There are a number of links for those topics. For instance, in the category “special programs”, people can find the links to disaster unemployment assistance, extension of benefits, reemployment assistance. In the category “benefit payments”, applicants can get the links to request benefit payments, electronic payments, direct deposit form, unemployment debit card FAQs, overpayments and UI financial loss payments and so on. In a nutshell, applicants can choose the link in the categories above to learn about the information they are looking for.

Employers should go to the section “employer information” where they can get the links to online services, reference guides, tax & wage detail reporting and additional information. Each category has a series of subordinate links. For example, in the category “online services”, employers can log in the online service system. They can get the system overview; learn about the system availability and system security. For other detailed information, employers can go to the section to learn more.

In the section “agent information”, people can find out the definition for an agent and his major job. People can also read and learn the related information: agent self-service system user guide, employer information, employer self-service system user guide and UI law.

From the links at the left side of the home page, people can also learn about UI fraud, the general introduction about unemployment insurance and the relevant contact information.

All the three groups of people can log in the online services specially designed for them to manage their account and do business online which is convenient. They can find the links of log-in either at the left side of each page or in the specially designed section for each of them.

Overall, we can see that the site is well organized. The web designers organize the information according to its service objects. So people can find the related information easily. On top of that, from the number of links under each section, we can tell that the information people can get from the site is extensive and comprehensive. Hence, this is a very good web site and I like it very much.

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