Feb 252010

According to the domain, you could guess out that this website is operated by the Indian government. That’s true. Here I just want to take all of you to explore a short tour in the AP Cyber Treasury of Indian Government at www.treasury.ap.gov.in.

The first step that we would get started with our trip is to make clear the meaning of every part in this website address. As we have already known what the gov. and in. stand for, we need to find some other clues for the ap and treasury in the About Us section. It is often such an informative section in any other website. But I feel so confused that why there is no responds when I have clicked the button About Us for so many times! Or maybe the About Us section is totally the same with Homepage? So maybe we won’t waste any longer time and should go to the second step.

Back to the homepage, you can see there are five other sections including Services, Gallery, Map, Contact Us and Flood Relief. In the central part of the homepage, there is a colorful e-map of the whole Indian region. At the left side of the homepage, you can find a short menu for the services including treasury operations, ext dept operations, net services to public, cyber treasury and RTI act. I guess there are two methods for us to explore the whole website, one is to choose your regions first and then enjoy the different online services for different region, and the other is to choose the online services you need firstly and then see if you can enjoy it in the region.

Let us click some regions in this map and see what will happen firstly. I always feel amazed at these kind of well designed and functional e-versioned map. I choose the most eastern region Adilabad firstly. And then all the services that you can get in this region would list out for you. In the Gallery section, you can see there are some precious photos that you can get nowhere else. The slideshow in the central part of the Gallery would show you the most latest and most essential photos of the whole gallery. Do you have any questions still? Maybe we could pay a visit to the Contact Us section and have a direct communication wit h the AP Cyber Treasury.

What a pity, with so many doubts and unclear questions, we should stop our short trip in the Indian AP Cyber Treasury at here. I hope the official website would become more comprehensive and stronger.

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