May 252010

In the era we are living in, there is no one who could deny the importance of network technology. As to individuals, the network is a convenient way to deal with all kinds of matters in their normal life, such as work, entertainment and communication; while it may be more significant to the business operators.

As we all know that the competition in market is becoming fiercer and fiercer, so it has been necessary for the business operators to follow the developing trend – networking, or they would be eliminated cruelly. Luckily, most of them have already realized the importance of network and applied it into their business operation. For example, more and more commercial service platforms have been set up on the web – it is the best representative of networked business operation, isn’t it?

Sears Holdings Corporation, it is a name that many people in the world, especially the Americans and Canadians, are familiar with, while now it is also becoming more and more famous in the online market. As one of the largest retailer in the world, Sears Holdings Corporation is always working hard to supply consumers, which are mainly in the United States and Canada, with high quality services in shopping.

In fact, Sears Holdings Corporation is the combination of two influential retailers Kmart and Sears, so it has many brands to operate nowadays, such as Kenmore, Craftsman, DieHard, Covington, and so on. We can know more details about them in the exclusive online service platform of Sears Holdings Corporations –

It is the place where all kinds of information about Sears Holdings Corporation is gathered. What is more than brands, there are also detailed introductions about the management, investor relationship, business opportunities, training as well as achievements it has made.

What I care about the most here is a principle that Sears Holdings Corporation is always holding, it is “Diversity”. There may be many ways for people to understand such a word, while in eyes of Sears Holdings Corporation operators and staff, diversity means more flexible and acceptable operation. The reason that Sears Holdings Corporation would take diversity as their working principle is also stated clearly in, and I am sure people would acquire a lot from it, just like me.

Besides, we can also see that Sears Holdings Corporation is also supporting some educational programs, such as training for MBA students, undergraduate students and pharmacy students.

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