May 242010

I have been asking myself such a question since I graduated from the university, “Have you (refer to me) got ready for an independent life in the society?”; however, I am afraid my answer should be “no” even till now – I cannot take good care of myself; there are many difficulties for me in normal life, among which the biggest headache is financial management. I only know how to make deposit and withdraw in brick and mortar banks, and when I check my bank account at the end of every month, I will find that remainder is nearly zero – I am a real member of the “Moon Light Group”!

I do not want to be like that any longer, because I know that I have to shoulder the responsibility of creating a nice living environment for an entire family instead of only myself before long. I need to find some financial expert, who can help me get out of the awkward situation nowadays.

I followed a friend’s suggestion and came to search on the web. Luckily, I came across a website that I wanted soon; it is, the official website of RHB Banking Group in Malaysia. We should know that RHB Banking Group is one of the largest and most influential financial groups in Malaysia, so I would rather believe that I have found the right place.

If I want to entrust the management of my private finance to RHB, I would have to set up a personal account here at first. It is easy to make if only we follow the introduction here and submit all required personal information. With such an account, we would be able to deal with all kinds of banking affairs on the web. Compared with that in reality, the management here is obviously much more convenient and efficient because of the great help from advanced information technology on line.

Saving? Checking? …what would you like to do? No matter what, I am sure you would be satisfied here. RHB provides the individual customers with high quality services in sorts of financial management here, such as online deposit, applications of credit card and loan, fund transfer, investment in insurance, payment for bills and taxes, and so on. You could also accept the banking services from RHB on phone if you like.

Just like many other financial companies, RHB will also serve business customers. What is more than the common banking services like all that I have mentioned above, the business operators can also cash and trade finance entrusted to RHB. Besides, RHB has also opened up columns for some special service objects, just like Muslims.

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