Aug 172010

Have you ever been bothered or you are just suffering the pain from unemployment? After having an overview of my little essay in the following, I promise you would no longer be troubled by this kinds of problems, especially when you belong to the region of Bangladesh or just plan to work in that region. What I want to do here is to introduce the fastest growing job site in Bangladesh called Prothom Alo Jobs with its online job hunting center at

Coming into this website, you would suddenly realize that you are entering an absolutely fulfilled website. In the central part of the homepage, you can see, there are so many logos and trademarks of the famous local companies and even the worldwide famous corporations. Maybe you can just find the one you are always dreaming to work in for a very long time! Then, the following we need to do here is just take good use of the abundant resources and opportunities for great jobs in this website. Firstly, you should make it clear of how to explore in this website efficiently. For different visitors, this website would prepare different quick accessing portals. For instance, for the job seekers, and the employers, the matters they need to do in this website would be totally different, one for job hunting while the other is for job opportunity posting and brilliant brains hunting. Also, the specialized employers who have become the campus partners, they need another quick accessing portal to get the pure information and human resources of the annual graduating students. The three portals could be clearly found at the upper side of the homepage. Of course, the precondition of taking good use of these three would be to register this website as a membership and get identified by the website manager.

As long as the most important function of this website is to provide as much work opportunities for the local residents as possible, the most important resources we can find in this website would also be the various kinds of position vacancies. At the left side of the homepage, all the jobs have been assorted into a long list of categories, including the finance and accounting, HR, bank and insurance, etc. According to your self-educational background and major in university or college, just choose the most suitable one for yourself.

In a word, at the Prothom Alo Jobs world, everyday could be the best day to find a new job and get your new life started.

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