Feb 072010

There are just so many banks in this world. Here I just need to introduce you one more bank. That is the One West Bank with its official website at www.owb.com.

Sometimes it would be easy to guess out the original of a bank from its name such as the State Bank of India, China Contribution Bank, etc. Thus what is the meaning of the name OneWest Bank? Maybe we can find the answer in its official website.

I guess the answer of why this bank is named as OneWest is hidden in the About Us section. Unfortunately I just can’t find the reason why it is called OneWest. I just the founder of this bank want to express that there would be only one western world in the universe. Well, the slogan of this bank is always very interesting. “One person at a time”. Can you guess what it is saying about? The Press Releases in the About Us section may give you some tips and clew in these two questions.

As for a customer of the OneWest Bank already, I think the buttons at the bottom of the homepage would be helpful directly for you. As the Branch Locator would lead you to the page where you can find the nearest local bank of OneWest and then go there for business. And another button Commercial Deposit Banking would lead you to the specialized page of Commercial Deposit Services where you can deal with your banking and lending issues.

As for the official website of a banking group, there must be some customized services online. As you can find these functions and service directly in the homepage including personal checking accounts, personal savings and money market options, lending service and safety and security, you can access to the special pages for each of these different online services directly. It is really convenient and time efficient. Not only for the online service system, you can also learn more details and instructions of these services.

As I have said so many branch functions and services, there are only two main services provided by OneWest Bank, banking and lending. These two buttons have been located in every branch page that the visitors and customers could jump into any other of these two at any time they need.

No matter how many different functions this website has, no matter how many different types of services the customers can enjoy in the OneWest Bank, just enjoy and get them at the official website at www.owb.com.

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