Jun 112010

For different countries, there would be different bank brands they can choose. For the Indian people, I know a very famous bank called the Oriental Bank with its official website at www.obconline.co.in. If you are just looking for a long time cooperating

When you come to this website, you would find that some of the words in the homepage are shown in Indian language so you would not understand. The contents you can find in this website are nearly rare. What we can only see are some icons and quick link buttons. Thus, this website still require your Internet Explorer for the most advanced version. Never mind. Most of the words used in this website are English. Just let us have a simple exploration in such a simply designed website. At the right side of the homepage, we could see four quick link buttons for the OBC Corp. net banking, OBC e-taxes, OBC e-shoppe and OBC direct trading. These are all the convenient portal links for different business center of the Oriental Bank of Commerce.

In the most center of the homepage, we can see the bank’s logo. it is an absolutely abstractive one. Around this log, there are another four quick link buttons for the railways, utility payments, e-shopping and e-broking. What would be the relationship between a bank and the railways? Just let us come into this button and have a closer look. In fact after clicking this quick link button, we would get into the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd. who has the cooperation with Oriental Bank of Commerce. This company is a government of India Enterprise. In its official website, we can have online flight booking, travel deal reservation, and traveling information checking, etc. For the quick link button of Utility Payments, we can get into the Bill Desk Tech Process CC Avenue in which some more professional financial issues would be involved in.

If you still feel unfamiliar of how to take use of this website, I suggest you come to the bottom of the homepage and get into the section User Guidelines. This part would play the role as the site map and the FAQs center at the same time. The various iBanking forms are also available for all the visitors to download.

I guess the website designer should work harder in the future to perform a more perfect Oriental Bank of Commerce in its official website.

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