May 122010

As the internet and the internet security become more and more strong, almost every bank has its own online banking system which is mostly located in the corresponding bank’s official website. For the Oriental Bank of Commerce, you can access to its official website at and enjoy its iBanking system online conveniently.

The first function of this website is to play the role as the official and authorized platform for all the visitors to know more and come closer to the Oriental Bank of Commerce. In the homepage, you would firstly have a feeling that the official website of the Oriental Bank of Commerce may be designed too simple and you could even not see any useful direct information or any text in the homepage. Don’t worry. Although it is seems no more than a bright white paper with a few buttons and icons, it is still a great place worthy exploring deeper.

At the left side of the homepage, it is the personal banking log-in system where your User ID and password is required. And then, at the right side, there are four quick link buttons including the OBC Corp. Net Banking, OBC e-Taxes, OBC E-Shoppe and the OBC Direct Trading. These are in fact the four main online business that you can achieve in the official website of the Oriental Bank of Commerce. As it is a bank specialized in the commercial issues mainly, the most important services and business that all the customers could achieve are all involved in business and trades. And then, what appear in front of you are two buttons for utility payments and e-broking.

At the bottom of the homepage, there is a series of quick links. Each of them would have functional and important usages. Some of them would give you the most comprehensive and specialized information while others would lead you to the place where you can have further online trading. For instance, there is the quick link for the downloading center in which you can download the Oriental Bank of Commerce’s iBanking Form. And if you are one of the customers who have some confusion and problems when dealing with the online banking system, you can come to the last quick link button Frequently Asked Questions and find the related solutions and answers.

So you see, the official website of the Oriental Bank of Commerce would never be a place of being information and function.

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