Mar 212010

Have you ever heard about MasterCard cards?The Merrick Bank is one of MasterCard cards’ authorized issuers. It is also the one of top 25 issuers of Visa cards. is Merrick Bank’s official website. Some of the Merrick Bank’s business could be dealt online directly by all kinds of customers as online card management.

The main card products of Merrick Bank include two kinds, the classic Visa and MasterCard Credit Card Products and Secured MasterCard. Both of the two cards could be applied online directly.

Recreation Lending is a very unique services provided by Merrick Bank. Here you could have boat lending, RV lending, Motorcycle Lending. Now Merrick Bank has hundreds of thousands customers who lend boat, RV or motorcycle from it. Now it is the leading enterprise of boat loans, RV loans and motorcycle loans. The special point of the Merrick Lending is that you can have recreational loans even if you have low credit score or even with past credit problems. The Merrick Bank give an opportunity for these people. This policy allows the one who is still re-building his credit to purchase a boat, RV or motorcycle. The dealership could also enjoy some benefits, the participation paid at funding, no cost or fees, competitive terms and advance, fast funding. If you are a marine, RV of motorcycle dealer, you could also cooperate with Merrick Bank. It has a large market which could give your sales more opportunities.

The cardholder center is a dealing platform which let the customers to have some dealing online. You could do your online payments, check your account information, set up account alerts, etc. There are also some additional account management functions as some cardholder benefit programs, free credit score information, etc.

The Merrick bank would also remind you to build up some consumer awareness for security purposes. This is a very important point. Many people lose a big amount of money when they have some deals online. Because internet has so many uncertain elements. One cursoriness would bring you endless misery and regret. You should understand why the debt-to-income is so important or you’d better understand the ten tips to prevent identity theft, or how to have a phone scam warning…

The Financial Education would teach you how to manage your financial issue smarter. The Money Smart is its main curriculum. And it would help the adults build basic financial awareness. You mustn’t ignore the importance of this financial education. The curriculum has a very abundant content, basic knowledge of borrowing, charge, safety, loans, etc. Just remember to come to the Financial Education if you have any problem in financial.

So, you could see that the Merrick Bank is such an all-around financial center. Not matter you want to apply for loan, or have a good lesson of financial security and other issues, the Merrick could reach out to you at the first time.

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