Aug 162010

Kerala is such a beautiful state in Indian Northwest. To know this region better, it would also be helpful for us to know the whole India country, and the local religion better. There are so many aspects that we can know in a region. I know just in one place several aspects of the Kerala state would be mentioned. You may feel puzzled about my introduction. It is the Kerala State Lotteries’ official website at Why in such a website for lottery, we can know many about this state? Just come with me and have a short exploration, and then every fact would be clear.

India is such a mysterious country, with traditional local religion and so many unbelievable customs and cultures. The make-up of Indian women, the wears, the hobbies, the local traditional buildings, etc, even their languages would have all covered with a cryptic veil that waits for us to reveal. Look at the homepage slideshow of Kerala State Lotteries. If contains so many pages that each of them would tell us an interesting story of local culture and custom. There is the beautiful scenery along the beach, the local religious holidays, the traditional make-upped ladies, etc. You would raise up an idea of having a tour in this wonderful state in India immediately! Now, just let us come back to the original topic of this short essay, the state lottery business of Kerala.

As we all know that there are so many ways that the profits of governmental lotteries would be used for, including the local educational contribution, transportation contribution, and some other kinds of public goods businesses, etc. The endless profits of lottery would also be used as a big part of the whole finance expenditure of local government. I believe most of us would have heard about this. So you could see, at the left side of the homepage, there are sections that we can know about where the incomes from lottery has been used. Of course, there are so many other aspects that we need to know about the lotteries, including its profile, agency, draw procedures, revenue and profits, and Kerala gazette, etc. We can find the answer of where all the incomes have been used in the section Revenue and Profit.

At last, I just want you to know that, lottery purchasing would no longer be a simple kind of gambling game in your mind, but a real business that could make yourself devote something for the public good.

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