Jun 112010

You would say that the title of my little essay is really a long one. I have no solution for this problem unless using the acronym form of such a long phrase. Thus, if I do so, another problem would come out, that is you would never know what my title is talking about before having an overview of the whole essay. Here, I just want to introduce you something about the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India University, Tripura. The official website of this institute would be the best archive for us to go. It is at www.iutripura.edu.in.

Most of the times, the homepage would bring you the most essential contents and latest updates that have been collected from the whole website. Thus when you stand in the homepage of ICFAI University, anther name of this institute, you would find that it would much more seem to be a portal than a homepage. That’s right. The most important two element in the homepage are two icons. One for the B. Tech campus program while the other for online enrollment. When you move your attention to the top side, you could find that there are two quick link buttons for the April 10 exam results and the July online exam registration. You see, for schools, the examination results would always be the one of the most important information. Also, for most students they come here and want to find their results or have online registration.

What other issues we can do in this website? Although the homepage would never be a place worth staying for a longer time, at the left side, we can see that this website’s sections and departments are really composing a long navigation. In this navigation, there are most common sections as the school introduction, curricula programs, infrastructure, placements, etc. Then, some other aspects of this institute would be shown in the navigation such as the online counseling, annual report, careers, admission information, etc. Even the faculty of science and technology course would be shown in the official website. At the upper side of the homepage, another series of sections including online students services, links, photo tour, and contact, site map would be involved in. Maybe you can have a general impression of the whole campus through the Photo Tour.

In a word, no matter for the common visitors, or for the students and staffs of the ICFAQ University, this would be a useful informative center.

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