Jun 112010

The internet banking system of Indian Oversea Bank is just located in its official website at www.www.iobnet.co.in. This is not only an online platform for you to know better about the Indian Oversea Bank, but also the perfect online banking portal for your Indian Overseas Bank customers.

The website is designed without too many decorating elements. The color used in this website are also clean. In the central part of the homepage, we could see that it has been assorted into two parts, for the individuals and proprietary concerns, and for the corporate. These would be the two many customer groups of the Indian Overseas Bank. For all the main services and information centers, the related customers could find the right place to go. For the individuals and Proprietary concerns, there would be the option and pay direct and indirect taxes, etc. For the Corporate customers, they can add users to corporate login, and add accounts after logging in, etc. The quick link button for different customers to login and registration are also available in the homepage. In a word, the central part of the homepage is a convenient portal center for all the customers.

Moving to the left side of the homepage, we could find the navigation for all the sections and department of the whole Indian Overseas Bank. I think the first thing we need to do here is to know some basic facts about the Indian Overseas Bank. Surprisingly, we could not even find a section as About Us here in this website. How could we go about for knowing better of the Indian Overseas Bank? Maybe from the various online services and functional internet banking systems, we could reveal the real face of the Indian Overseas Bank. The first section is for all the customers to verify by VISA. And then, the following sections would mainly about the phishing attack and the phishing alert, etc. Not only for these, this website would also consider something about the internet security issues. In fact all these would belong to this problem. This would be the most important point that the online customers should take care about. And it would also be greatly guaranteed by the Indian Overseas Bank.

After logging in the Indian Overseas Bank internet banking world, you would enjoy even more abundant services and resources. Why not to experience them by yourself? I believe you would be satisfied.

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