May 122010

To know a country better, there is one element that you must know better firstly. It is the country’s transportation. And if you want to know the country India better, you should also know something about its transportation, including the railways. There is one website born for serving all the Indian railways passengers. It is

According to the domain, you could see that this website is in fact authorized by the Indian government. So, there must be some uncommon facts waiting us to reveal in this website. Accessing to the homepage, you can see the webpage is mainly divided into two parts of quick links. The first one is called Have a Look while the other is Services You Can Use. The assorting of these two groups of quick links are so clear with different usages. For the visitors like us who want to know the Indian railway better, they can find the related informative sections and branch pages in the Have A Look. For the passengers who come here and get served by the online serving system of India Railway, they need to come to find something in the Services You Can Use.

For the Have A Look, there are some precious information such as the budget speech 2009-2010, ministry of railways, train running, information, new Tatkal reservation circular, and the Rail SMS services, etc. While for the Services that passengers could use in this website including PNR Enquiry, accommodation on train till departure, fare enquiry, internet reservation, train between important stations, weekly availability at stations, etc.

The whole website is constructed by several sections including the train schedule, trains, fare, rules, information, about us, and vox populi. Even for the one who has never taken the Indian train, they can come here to find some guiding resources that would help them to find their way in taking the Indian trains. Firstly, they should read about the rules that the passengers must obey in the Rules section. And then they can check out the fees that they should be charged for their trip and prepared enough traveling cost. And then, you should look up for the train schedule. You should know that there won’t always be the right train that you can take. Trains never wait for single customer in the station. So, we just find the great meaning of the section of Train Schedule’s existence.

So, in a word, the official website for the Indian Railways is really a great place worthy paying a visit to.

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