Jul 022010

ICICI Direct is said to be a market concentrating place on your fingertips. It is an Indian oriented company which is always dedicated in sharing prices, and providing the opportunities for stock market in India and the online share trading. If you are just the one who has the same kind of need, I suggest you pay a visit to the company’s official website at www.icicidirect.com and see what you can get from it.

The online ICICI Direct is a simply designed informative world. You would even see that in the whole website, you just cannot find any decorated element. Even the background has been simply painted pure white. When you land in the homepage, there would only be three quick link buttons in deep red that are mostly attractive. The buttons are used for different issues. The first button is prepared for the internet user of low bandwidth. The specialized low bandwidth site would save your time for a certain extend. I think it is a very considerate design. It is practical. I just see this kind of quick link button for the first time in various kinds of websites. Only from this design point, you would make a simple conclusion that the ICICI Direct must be a wonderful company to have cooperating relationship with! Don’t you believe what I’m saying? And then, the second red button is for the common users to login. The last button is just a simple Homepage quick link.

This website would show all its visitors the whole company through several aspects. Not only for the basic introduction of ICICI, this is also the most convenient online service center for all the ICICI customers. You can find six functional windows in the main space of the homepage. The first window would be used especially for opening an account. No matter you want to apply online for the resident account, or the non resident accounts, the first window would provide you with the related quick link buttons. And then, the second window is for the market and research. It contains more than five different portals, for the recommendations of the whole company, and markets, resources as charts and quotes, etc. If you want to get into online trading and investing quickly, the third window would be suitable.

In a word, I just love the ICICI Direct official website design, as long as not matter who you are, a customer or not, you could feel the convenience that it could bring to you, no matter you are just having an occasional touring, or just having your business in this website.

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