Mar 222010

Did you Google today? If you haven’t yet, just Google with me from now on. With such a long development, the Google as a website and the Google as a searching action no longer just mean internet searching. There are many other things you could do on Google. Although Google is an American based website, with the speedy developing of this company, it now has more than 50 branch websites for different countries. And I want to introduce one of these branches especially for Malaysia. The domain is

In fact, the differences between different branches are not so great as you think. And here in this one, the Google for Malaysia could be shown in two languages, Bahasa Malay and English. As the most original function of Google, you could search for whatever you want through the powerful search engine in the middle of the page under the logo. And if you want to make the searching result more accurate, click the Advanced Search button at the right sight of the search bar. Then you could see several blanks. These are all the limiting condition which would filter the researching results. You could find the web pages that only contains the exact words and phrase you have limited while without the words or even more detail content that you don’t want to see in the webpage. You could also choose to make the numbers of results shown in every page. And the website language that Google searches out for you could also be selected.

You could even find some topic-specific search engines from Google. For instance, through the Apple Macintosh search engine, the results are all related to the Mac Sites. There are other special search engine for Google Book Search, Code Search, News archive search, Linux search, Microsoft Search, and even the US government and Universities Search.

The Language Tools of the Google is powerful all the same. Although there are various translation tools online, I still prefer the Google Language Tools best. The first function of the language tools is to translate a whole webpage into another language. You only need to select the source language and the target language and type the keywords which you want to search for into the search bar. The Translate and Search bar would show you the result. The next powerful function of Google’s language tools is the text translation. You only need to input the source language text and choose the target language. It is just as simple to use as other famous translation tools online. there are more than 50 languages for you to choose. But there is one thing that I have to emphasize here. That is no matter how powerful and advanced the translation tool is, the best translation is always of man’s work, not by any machine. So don’t bank on any translation tool to give you a perfect translation work. But it could really be a very helpful reference.

Maybe I have said too much about the most visited website on the internet. Please always remember Google’s mission—to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

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