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Being off duty, it is time for people to have a rest. People have different amusements, like reading books, playing games and watching movies etc. Among those recreations, some investments show watching TV has occupied most of people’s time. Of course it is true. TV brings us much convenience. We get most of the news from TV, watch movies on TV, play games on TV. We spend more and more time on TV. With the increase of people’s need, people are looking for more TV channels. Under such circumstance, GLWIZ was invented.

GLWIZ is not a company but a kind of service; it is IPTV services which help people get their favorite TV channels. As we all know, most of the channels are limited and the numbers of it are usually few, most importantly, our favorite channels are always not included. If we increase the channel, it will cost us much money and need install much equipment. What’s worse, the low quality of the pictures often makes us crazy. But with GLWIZ, we can get our favorite international channels which have a high quality of the pictures. The channels provided by GLWIZ will not let you down as it all contains 26 Persian channels, 3 news Iran channels and 7 Afghan channels. And with GLWIZ, you can have all these channels.

Using GLWIZ is very easy. With it, people can watch their favorite international channels through either computer or television. If you want to watch these channels through television, what you need is the set-top box (STB), and you do not need install some equipment. Just with the set-top box (STB), everything will be done. If you choose watch them through the computer, you need their application and also high-speed internet. At the same time, you can also choose watch their live TV online through www.glwiz.com where you can enjoy all the international channels for free.

Typing glwiz.com on the web site, you will get all the information on GLWIZ. In the part of FAQ, people will find its information in detail including the general from which people will become familiar with services, online account which deals with the problem of logging in, also the technical problems are on the list. With so much information, all people will have a full understanding of GLWIZ.

Thanks to GIWIZ, people can watch their favorite international channels anywhere and anytime.

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