Feb 122010

What the eSeva is about? generally speaking, eSeva is the government of Andhra Pradeshi, India. Therefore, it is the online governmental system. The official website of eSeva, the online government for Andhra Pradesh India is at www.esevaonline.com.

The website design is really simple and clear. The whole page of a simple website browser would be even only occupied less than a half page by the eSeva’s homepage’s main contents. At the top of the homepage, you can see the general introduction and the logo of the eSeva. The introduction has been already shown in the formal paragraph. Then, come to the part of the buttons for each section.

I think traveling in such a well organized website, you will never get lost. No matter what related information you need, you can find in this information abundant website easily. There are three options for you to choose and then do further exploration. The options are prepared for official users, eSEVA contact and the department telephone numbers. You just can ignore any simple element in this homepage as all of them would have different usage and contain different concentration and emphasis.

Firstly, you may be interested in what the eSEVA is really about. The full answer has been given out in the About ESEVA section. Here, you can know what the eSEVA is about from several aspects including its unique citizen services, integrated approach, the general vision and salient features of eSEVA. And even the locations of the branch offices of eSEVA centers have been listed out in this section. So, you would never ignore this section either as it is also useful sometimes in addition to the only introductive information.

Back to the homepage, we can see there are two serious sections named as Government Forms and Government Orders. In addition to these sections formed in the green button, we can see another series of section buttons including Trans. Services, Services, Tenders, Links, Download and News. I think these sections would be more welcomed by the visitors because they are more easily to be accepted. In the Trans. Services, you can get electricity bills, HMWs Water Bills, MCH Property Tax, BSNL Telephone Bills, etc. And it would even help you to find a job opportunity. For the Services, I think the most important one would be the regional passport office services online. It is really convenient and helpful.

In a word, the eSeva online is really a place built up by the faithful government and born for all the India citizens.

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