Oct 132010

When it comes to the topic of transportation, I always have much to say. In fact, I have taken almost all kinds of transportation means, such as bike, bus, ship, plane and train; they are very useful tools, which can facilitate us a lot in normal life, especially when we are getting around. Among sorts of transportation means, I have to say that I like train the best – according to the relevant statistics, the train accident is much less than the accidents caused by the other transportation means; beside, as to the people who would often like to take long-distance journey, just like me, train is obviously the most economical transportation mean to us – it runs quickly but does not cost too much.

As far as I know, train has already become the major long-distance transportation mean in many countries in the world, just like India. Once I had watched a TV program, in which hundreds of Indian people were trying hard to get on one train, so I can see that the train does have played an important role in Indian people’s life.

What a coincidence! Erail.in, a website I came across, is also talking about the Indian railway. As a great feature, it is specialized in offering people the convenience in taking trains in India. To be more precise, there is a quick search engine in Erail.in, through which we could seek out the time tables of Indian trains without too much effort.

If you are just someone who wants to take train in India, you might as well have a visit here in advance. For instance, once you need a journey between Delhi and Mumbai, which are two Indian cities far apart from each other, it would be a good idea for you to travel by train. In this case, you should first of all seek out the time tables of trains between Dehli and Mumbai – it would not take you too much effort, and all that you need to do for it is just to choose the two cities (Dehli and Mumbai) as well as your favorite type of time table (the one with main stations or all stations) in the search engine. After that, all appropriate time tables would be sought out and presented in a chart – you could have a careful study on the chart, and then choose a nice train for your journey.

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