Jun 112010

For any department of branch office of the United States’ government, you would find the corresponding official website to know the detailed routine works and rights that it would be involved in. For the Georgia Department of Labor, it has its official website at www.dol.state.ga.us. For all the people, especially for the residents in the State of Georgia, they can come to this website and find the helpful information and resources for the labor related issues.

What would all the matters that the Georgia Department of Labor would help you? The homepage could provide you with the most comprehensive and brief answers. I just love this simple but direct design of the website homepage in which you would feel like entering some place as the site map to find any branch page you need to go quickly. This would be the most important and best point of this website design. We could see in the central part of the homepage, there is a big title called Let Us Help You… Under this big title, some keywords, and the quick link buttons at the same time, including to find a job, to learn about unemployment benefits for individuals, etc would all be involved in. What is your target when you come to this website? Just click the related keywords and find the solutions and suggestions provided by the Department of Labor of the State of Georgia. There are more than ten main issues that the Georgia Department of Labor are involved in.

Moving to the lower part of the homepage, we could see there are two parts, for the spotlight and statistics of the Georgia Department of Labor. In the spotlight, there is one smarting title saying school system employees. This must provide many job opportunities for some people who are looking for jobs. And then, when we get back to the top of the homepage, we could see that there are three main sections including job seekers, employers and workforce professionals. These would also be the three most important visitor groups of this website. And each group coming to this website would bring with distinguished aims. For instance, for the job seekers, they may look for some job opportunities or want to claim weekly unemployment benefits to go on with their life.

No matter you are a job seekers or already an employee, when you need help, come and ask the Department of Labor of Georgia state.

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