Jun 242010

When you watch moives, do you care the music of them? Do you like listening music including movie songs? How do you think of the movie songs? If a popular star singing the movie songs, will you pay much attention to it? You can know more about moive songs in www.dhingana.com.

You will see the basic columns containing Blog, Facebook App, iphone App and Videos on the upper right. On the name of the web, three people are playing instruments. Whether you are a member of the web or not, you can login or register on the upper left. And you can search ablums, songs, playlists and more in search site according to your needs.

The latest movie songs list not only the songs in the movies but also the pictures. You can listen them with the classified by web like songs, hot, movie, and MP3. If you click into, you will know the cast of movie, the time of public even share with others.

What is the most popular song in today or this week? You will like the popular playlists songs in daily and weekly. You will see the update time of the songs. It is so convenient for you to see how long the songs keeping in the rank.

If you want to know the singers or movie stars completely, or their latest movements, the latest gossip and new videos are good for you. You can follow the stars to publicize the movies, see the things behind the movie, even the songs how to produce. You can read movie review and know some informations before the movie showing in moives and celebrity news.

In top songs, there lists the hottest songs according the people who listen. You can listen online and see the name of songs and know the singers. You also can search songs from latest to oldies because the members of the web are not limited by age.

Do you think it is cool to listen music from your phone? The web help you achieve this. You can download the music that you like into your phone in social applications. Besides, you can listen to music with orkut. Why not try writing the blog and listenning the music at the same time?

And you will see popular musical greetings given by members. If you have different opinion, you can write down your comments. In user activity, you can give your comments on music, update the songs you like and so on.

When watch movies, enjoy the music meantime at www.dhingana.com.

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