Jul 022010

As we all know that the Citi Bank oriented from the United States could be one of the most powerful banking group of the worldwide range. As a result, it must have its branch offices covering many countries in the world. For the country Australia, its official website is located at www.citiban.com.au. Just let us come to this website and see how the Citi Bank’s business would do in Australia.

At the top of the homepage, we can find the bank logo and its slogan. The Citi Bank would always be a financial city that never sleeps. This website, generally speaking, is clearly designed with pure contents and perfect organization. Sometimes, we just care about the customer feedbacks before choosing a brand of product, for choosing a bank, things would also be the same. So, what would be the Citi Bank’s customers in Australia think about it? The homepage would tell you directly what various kinds of customers say after taking business relationships with Citi. These words would be expressed by some vivid images in the homepage slideshow. You see, every customer would have a happy smile in the face. They are just satisfied with what the Citi Bank could do for them. For some old Citi Bank customers, they would pet name the Citi Bank as “my world bank.” That’s right! This is the most important feature of the Citi Bank and its services. No matter where you are, you can enjoy the local services provided by the branch offices of Citi Bank. Convenience would be the most important advantages for a bank to attract more customers.

The online services would be assorted into so many different types, according to the various banking products of Citi, including common banking, credit cards, lending, mortgages, investments, insurance and Citi Gold. In the central part of the homepage, we can find a series of functional buttons, listing out all the Citi banking products that I have mentioned. According to your personalized requirements, you could then choose the right button and get into the right online service center. We will see that the website sections are also assorted with these seven keywords. It is just so clear to everybody which way to go in such a huge service center online for Citi Bank.

You just cannot resist the great charm of the Citi Bank, no matter for its considerate and various services, or for its perfectly designed official website and the powerful online banking network.

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