Jun 302010

Who would be the future, no matter in which country? There is no other answer than the children. No matter for which country, children would always be protected by the local law in the most deepest extent. For the California government, it has even prepared a specialized governmental department for children only, it is the Department of Child Support Services. We can know better about this department and see what the California could do for the children residents. The official website of this department is located at www.childup-connect.ca.gov.

The California governor Schwarzenegger would say hi to every visitors here. His image is just hanging at the left side of the upper part of the homepage. His website quick link is also available in this part. So you see, this would also be a good place through which you can know other California government departments better. In the central part of the homepage, the brief introduction of this website and the quick accessing log in button is also available in the homepage. No matter for which branch page of this website, you could make the page to shown in two language versions, one for English and the other for Spanish.

Not only for the businessmen who care the customer feedbacks well, the government also take notice of the residents’ feedback after having received the services from government. The quick link button for feedback is just available in the homepage smartly. Thus, most of the visitors here would maybe have never received the related governmental services and coming here just want to know better about what services they can get. We just need to explore deeper. At the left side of the homepage, you could find that the website navigation has a very special name called I Need To…. In this navigation, the issues that all the visitors could do have been listed out, including online service application, payment center, child support account checking center, information and resource center, etc. Almost everything you could do here has been listed out and the Navigation is in fact a collection of all the portals with different functions. At the upper side of the homepage, we could find all the sections in this website including reports, resources, noncustodial parent, custodial party, etc.

Through this website, we could also know that the State of California has really been working hard to help all the parents to raise up their children efficiently.

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