Feb 282010

Www.53.com/wps/portal/personalnetbanking is the official site of Fifth Third Bank.

With regard to the banks, the names of them are always related to the location, the country or the types etc. But the Fifth Third Bank is different as its name is made of two numbers. It is seldom to see such name for a bank. All the things in the world have its reasons. Why is it called Fifth Third Bank? And we had better invest its origin. In fact, the bank can be traced back for a long time, in the year of 1858. In that year, its ancestor, the Bank of the Ohio Valley was established. After 13 years, it was purchased by the Third National Bank, one part of the Fifth Third Bank. Then the bank is combined with the Fifth National Bank and became today’s Fifth Third Bank.

After seeing the origin of the bank, we can find the Fifth Third Bank has a long history and strong background. In another words, the products and services provided by the bank will not disappoint the customers and its clients. It has a wide range of financing and banking products and services for the people in 13 states of the United States. At Fifth Third Bank, each one will get the satisfied products and services. At its web site, people can get all the information on its products and services.

Coming to the homepage, there are many introductions to its various banking and financing services. The same as most of the bank web sites, the left side of the homepage is the place for log in and occupied by other topics like the announcement of the online security etc. The menu on the top page has listed its main services. They are divided into three parts according to different targets which are for personal, business banking and commercial. In fact, the homepage has included all the services for the personal. For the individuals, they can manage and access their money, borrow and fund, and invest and make plans. Opening an account at the Fifth Third Bank, all people are allowed to receive those services.

Different from the individual services, the services for business and commercial have the characteristic of pertinences and specialization. All the services are unique for different businesses. Whatever kind of services it provides, it aims at offering the best banking and financing products and services for the individuals and the commercials

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