Feb 042010

Mycampus.southuniversity.edu is a web site for the students of South University to login.

South University was established in the year of 1899 with the name of Draughon’s Practical Business in Savannah, Georgia. After so many years, the university has gained great achievements. Today, it is a place for the students to get the bachelor and graduate four year degrees. With its high quality of the education and excellent students training, it has made itself known around the whole America. And in many cities it has its campus locations.

In all, there are five colleges in the South University which are the colleges of Arts & Sciences, college of Business, College of Health Professions, College of Nursing and College of Pharmacy. Although it all has five colleges, there are many areas in each college. Take the college of Arts & Sciences for example. In that college, it has Graphic Design, Criminal Justice, Behavioral Sciences, and Legal and Paralegal Studies. These areas have provided the students with diverse fields of study. So the students can get a wide range of the knowledge at the South University.

The South University has made great improvement. We can see it from its degree programs. In the past, the year of the degree is two year and it turns to four year degree today. The degree programs include the undergraduate programs and graduate programs. The school makes different programs and projects according to the characteristics of its students. And they try their best to give them the high quality education and unique attention, letting them have an integrated development. Although the South University has many campuses, each campus has beautiful and safe environment and integrated equipments and sources to make sure all the students can receive the best education and have an unforgettable and fulfilling life in the university.

In order to manage the students well and be convenient for them, the South University has established an account for each student. And the web site, mycampus.southuniversity.edu is the place for the South University to log in their account. The homepage is very simple. On the left side, it has a picture of its campus, on the other side it is the place for the students to login in. The South University is really considerable as it has given the information on how to create a campus common login for the new students. And those students who use it for the first time can find the guide which will teach them create the login.

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