May 052010 is specially for you to register to enter American Airlines system. Before you are able to enter, you must type your user ID and password. Do you have your user ID and password? If you do, you can type them into the respective required boxes and enter the system quickly. If you don’t, it means that you are not eligible to enter. It is not open to everyone.

If you say that you forget your password, there is a way to remedy. You can simply click ‘forget your password’ under the blank box to see how you could do. If this situation really happens, you need to remember your ID number, namely your employee or contractor number at least. In this way, it can help you find the password back. Next time when you get your password, don’t just forget again, because it may cause you a little trouble.

If you never logged in before, you can just click ‘login help’ to get assistance. What you need to do is correctly enter some information about yourself into the required box and then to begin to login process. Some of the people may think it really troublesome to do such a register work, and it wastes time as well. However, for the safety of system and avoidance of some potential danger, I think it is still necessary to do so. As far as I know, lots of the system are required you to enter your own ID and password before you are able to enter. When I was a university student, I also need to type my user ID and password before I could enter my school system that is only open to eligible students.

If you belong to a member of American Airlines, is here to serve you. If you are an eligible member, you must have your own user ID and password, don’t you? Whether you really have or not, you can just open this site to see what you could do with it. It may help you find solutions as long as you are really qualified to enter.

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